Retail and Static Security

UK Professional Security retail and static officers work in conjunction with store managers, to provide the best security solution for your needs. All our guards are SIA trained to the highest standard. They professionally patrol shop floors and surrounding areas, deterring theft, collusion and maintaining a high level of security to minimise the risks of wrongful arrests or detention.

All of our retail and static officers wear full uniform, allowing them to stand out from the crowd as a figure of authority. Operations are done on foot or through a CCTV Control Room. The main roles of our Retail Officers are:

  • To observe everyone and everything within the retail premises where they are working
  • To prevent theft, loss and wastage
  • To deter the operation of criminals
  • Carrying out relevant checks and searchers to inform and report any incident using the correct documentation
  • Follow the instructions laid down by the company and client.
  • Retail Security services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

      UKPS Retail Security

Why Us?

UKPS believes the keys to success in its industry include:

  1. Listening carefully to client concerns and objectives to create customized security guard packages
  2. Knowing what the client does not know (bringing deep security expertise as well as knowledge of legal regulations and liability to the table)
  3. Training security guards carefully and maintaining their training and certifications (e.g. SIA)
  4. Monitoring the quality of security guard service to offer quality assurance